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Your 1st Compound Bow Right Handed Only

Your 1st Compound Bow Right Handed Only
  • Your 1st Compound Bow Right Handed Only

Our Price: £157.50
Your 1st Compound Bow available in Right Hand Only

A well priced proper compound bow with let off, modern strings and cables draw weight and draw length adjustable.

This compound bow has proper drawlength adjustment that does not require a bow press to adjust.
The Draw weight is adjustable from 30lb to 50lb, compound bows even this one are efficient and powerful so this allows you to start at a sensible draw weight and perfect your technique before increasing the weight as you get archery fit.

Unlike a recurve bow it is important to get the draw length right so this has adjustments from 23" to 31"

Finally this bow has proper modern cables and strings, not those nasty wire cable and strings coated in palstic.
This means as you progress and maybe start shooting with a release aid you/we can add cots options like a D-Loop and Peep Sight/Scope. On a safety note it also allows you to see if the string is damaged unfortunately you never know what is lurking under the plastic and metal cables have a tenedency to rust.

Right Handed means that you draw the string back with your right hand and hold the bow in your left hand.

If you have never shot a compound bow before we recommend that for saftey reasons both yours and those around you we recommend at least one one to one compound lesson before going out and shooting your bow. Remember this bow will easily launch an arrow over 180 yards fences bushes are no barriers.

This bow is set up to shoot in it's simplest form, shooting off the fingers, we will also include the Archery GB Beginners Guide book.

Other equipment you will require or see Optional Accessories Kit for this Compound Bow.
  • Arrows (these have to be long enough and the right spine Bendiness to be safe and accurate).
  • Tab/Glove to protect your fingers
  • Arm bracer - string hitting the arm is not good and can be dangerous
  • Quiver to carry your arrows
  • Case

Please note hunting with a bow and arrow in the UK is illegal with no exceptions

Ideally we would suggest you buy your bow in one of our Pro Shops so that it can be set up correctly and you have the benefit of our experience and advice.
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