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Wooden Trainer Bow Kit

Wooden Trainer Bow Kit
  • Wooden Trainer Bow Kit

Our Price: £189.00
Wooden Trainer Bow Kit (Bow and limbs may differ to the picture but not the quality).

Ideal as a first bow or for leisure use (a step up from all the plastic toy bows out there)

Bow Kit includes Bow (Riser & Limbs (Glass/Wood)), Basic Sight, Hoyt Pro Arrow Rest, Dacron String & Brass Nocking Points, Club Tab, Plastic Armguard, Quiver with clip, 8 x Easton Jazz Arrows, Soft Case with arrow tube and Bow Stringer, AGB Beginners Guide.

Arrows: The arrows supplied are Easton Jazz Arrows and made to order. The correct selection of the spine (bendiness of the shaft) is based on the information supplied especially your draw length. We will then add 1" to the length of the arrow plus the length of the point to the get the overall arrow length. 

Bow length is determined by measured draw length so treat the ages as a rough guide - if in doubt please contact us.

Before we ship the equipment we makes sure all the standard bow adjustments are correct, there is no such thing as "settings straight out of the box", We will fit the limbs to the riser, string the bow, fit the arrow rest and nocking points on the string. This will save you having to set all these items up before shooting the bow. 

If you buy this kit in one of our shops you will be measured up correctly.

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