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 "We are here to help"

At the end of the day we want you to enjoy your archery as much as we do so if you are unsure about equipment choices, shooting technique or bow tuning give us a call or visit one of our shops - we are here to help.

Archery is about much more than just equipment, the options available to you when you buy your first bow or any equipment and set it up will affect your shooting form and have a big influence on how well you improve and continue to enjoy archery. Here at Perris Archery our trained and very experienced staff are prepared to spend the time with you to help you make the right choices whether you are a complete beginner or an established archer. We have  fully stocked Pro Shops so that you can see and handle some of the latest equipment together with those items that have stood the test of time. We also have shooting ranges to let you try out equipment as pictures and descriptions and other peoples opinions may not be so relevant to you.

What we offer:

2) Coaching & Bow Tuning Sessions "The best equipment I have bought this month was an hour of coaching, it's amazing how such small changes to technique can help boost scores" Mr. S from Essex.

Intermediate group training courses more details

We also provide one to one coaching sessions, beginners courses and bow tuning sessions (recurve and compound) run by qualified GNAS staff. These sessions cater for all levels of archers from beginners where all the equipment is supplied, to top archers who just need specific help. All disciplines covered: target, field, recurve, traditional and compound. 

Group rates also available.

For more details and prices see our training courses

3) Choosing the right equipment "Having just purchased my BMG/Kap Recurve I can only say how impressed I was with the friendly, patient and professional attention I received. There was never any sense of hurry and spending nearly 3 and a 1/2 hours choosing and testing was a very enjoyable experience. Now the proud owner of some fine equipment 100% happy! I have no hesitation in recommending your service and shall be a regular visitor! Thank you".
Mr. T from Herts 

When getting the right equipment whether you are a beginner or established archer requires a lot of experience to be able to see through the hype and current fads of the day and what is right for a top sponsored archer might not suit your shooting style. To prove the point: The 2004 men's individual Olympic silver medal was won by a Japanese archer shooting a Yamaha bow which is no longer made. 

Research has also highlighted that the biggest barrier to increasing scores at all levels what ever your shooting discipline, is not having correct well matched equipment.

Second is the confidence in the equipment you are using, something you cannot achieve just by looking at a catalogue.

We believe that choosing your new bow should be an enjoyable experience and not something that should be rushed into.

With this in mind both of our Pro Shops have indoor shooting ranges. Where you can test drive your desired Bow and on hand we have experienced shop staff to offer help and advice.

Finally, when you have chosen your new bow and before leaving the shop we will ensure that the limbs are seated and correctly aligned in the limb pockets and the tiller & button are adjusted so that they might only require fine tuning once you have got used to the bow. 

With over 30 years of experience behind us, when you leave our shop with your new bow and or arrows you can be confident that you have made the right choices and now ready to start hitting those ten's ("this bits up to you though, unfortunately there are no easy short cuts"). 

A final thought: These days we can all go on to the internet and buy almost anything (on this point don't forget our very own on-line shop). However most people don't buy a car, golf clubs or other expensive items without test driving them first. So why should your new bow or arrows be any different? Buy the wrong tab and you have wasted around £20 (possibly saved a few ££'s in petrol) but purchase the wrong bow or arrows and the replacement costs run into hundreds of ££'s or worse you might give up archery, but it does not stop there what do you do about choosing the right sight, scope and stabilisers?

If time and traveling costs allow we believe it is always better to buy all archery equipment in person. We do understand that this is not always possible and the main reason we opened our online shop. However if you are not sure about any piece of equipment please don't hesitate to ask us.

4) How much do these services cost?

The bow selection services mentioned above is all part of the service and can save you many hours of setting up time. Our help and the chance to try out equipment might cost (most items now the same list price) a few pounds more than our online prices but getting the right item in the first place could save you time, money and disappointment in the future.

5) Can Perris help me if I bought my equipment from elsewhere?

Absolutely, we can offer Bow setting up/ tuning sessions for £35.00 (minimum charge) for the first hour and £35 per subsequent hour after that.

See our training course details for training rates here

Mr. S from Essex "The best equipment I have bought to date was an hour of coaching it's amazing how such small changes to technique can help boost scores"

If I want to take advantage of any of these services should I ring first?

For the Bow tuning, Bow Set up, Coaching & Beginners courses, you will need to book by phone or in person in advance, otherwise no, however if we do know you are coming we can plan a head.