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uukha VX+ ILF Monolith Carbon HM Limbs small selection in stock

uukha VX+ ILF Monolith Carbon HM Limbs small selection in stock
  • uukha VX+ ILF Monolith Carbon HM Limbs small selection in stock

Our Price: £743.84
uukha VX+ ILF Monolith Carbon HM Limbs 

Current stock: Standard Matt Decals: 68/38

NEW "XL" limb available - making a 72" bow with a 25" Riser and 74" with a 27" Riser. Ideal for archers with a long draw.

We have unofficially renamed these limbs "Eureka Limbs" - why? just look at the joy on the faces of those that try them for the first time. A feeling that does not fade over time. Fast and smooth easy to draw.

Flying squirrel - speed and accuracy

Smooth and Fast
If you are looking for what we consider to be the smoothest draw limb available today and in comparison to the competition one of the fastest, then look no further than the uukha HM VX+ limbs.


Speed +++++
Smoothness ++++++
Stability ++++++
100% Carbon
High Modulus Carbon 
curve profile

Weather resistant 
Torsionally stable 
Cannot delaminate 

Finish:Carbon Matte Black Standard Decals
Options: Carbon Glossy Black Standard Decals
Carbon Matte Black Minimal Decals
Carbon Matte Black Pro Staff Decals
Carbon Glossy Black Pro Staff Decals

In terms of Speed, Smoothness, Torsional Stability and Performance in all weather conditions we believe these limbs and the XX are way ahead of all the competition. 

The use of HM Carbon makes the 2018 models lighter, smoother, faster, torsionally stiffer for straighter string travel and better accuracy.

XCURVE profile for smoothness and speed only 1-2 fps slower than the XX but 40% smoother.
100% Monolith Carbon HM
Very high performance - smooth, fast, stable
Stable performance in all weathers.
Class leading torsional stability, for a straighter string travel and better accuracy.

The properties of the VX+ limbs have enabled uukha to produce a longer limb (XL), making up to a 74" bow in combination with the Xpro 27" Riser - for archers with a long draw AMO 31" plus draw length. uukha's testing has shown that archers with draw lengths over 30" could also benefit from a longer bow (27" Riser Long & limbs 72" bow). Traditionally a longer bow whilst offering better stability did lose on speed, quite simply because the limbs were not being drawn back far enough to engage the power stroke and store enough energy to get a good sight mark.Interestingly the tests show that with the unique profile, construction and materials used in the making of the VX+ limbs the traditional loss of speed is not so obvious.

We have been a uukha dealer and test centre since 2009, after 8 years of setting up, selling and shooting uukha products we have got to understand the idiosyncrasies of the unique manufacturing process and its effect on bow set up and arrow shaft selection. All of this knowledge our customers benefit from.

Special order product - lead-times from 7days to 5 weeks

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