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Because risers come in different lengths i.e 19" 23" 24" 25" & 27" all our ILF limb options are now short medium or long. The table below shows the bow lengths you can make.
Handle Length Short Limb Medium Limb Long Limb X long limb
23" 64" 66" 68" 70"
24" 65" 67" 69" 71"
25" 66" 68" 70" 72"
27" 68" 70" 72" 74"

The limb fitting on all the limbs listed below are what is commonly known in archery circles as ILF (International limb fit). This means that limbs can be interchangeable between risers and limbs with the same fitting. Mixing and matching different manufacturers products is also possible but you may find the fit varies and weights may be different to those marked on the limb. In our opinion the best way to buy limbs and handles is in person at a Pro Shop like the 2 we have invested in, where the experience of the staff and the use of the shooting facilities will help you decide what works best for you.

More information on choosing the uukha limb for you