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uukha buying guide from a dealer that has been selling/advising, supporting and shooting their limbs in competition since 2009.

What’s new For 2021? see below

Perris Archery is a professional resource, not just a shop, we are also the only uukha Dealer and Test Centre in the UK.

4 years running - We are number one in UK & Europe for sales and support. 

The second largest uukha dealer Worldwide.

We have been an uukha dealer and test centre since they launched their first products in 2009. The technical information on offer to back up their claims and the reason for the design enabled us to realise that this was something big that will revolutionise the bow and arrow and benefit archers of all abilities.

We really do believe in these products and every member of staff by choice shoots with uukha limbs. In our opinion and those of the 1000's of archers all over the World, shooting uukha products in all forms of archery do feel they have an advantage. 


We have also invested a lot of time and resources to understand how to get the best out of these limbs, to us they are not a commodity on a shelf with a price tag along with all the other makes of limb, but an integral solution to higher scores and enjoyment of archery for all archers regardless of ability. Set them up correctly and in our opinion you will never want to shoot anything else.

Can you believe it is 11 years

Even from the start, each model of limb out performed all the laminated limbs available, a trend that continues to this day.

uukha limbs are manufactured with what is commonly known ILF (International Limb Fitting) limb foot used by 98% of all riser manufactures. 

The unique construction offers many benefits over traditionally made laminated limbs - the most important being speed, smoothness, torsional stability for a more stable shot, they do not change performance in different weather conditions and they cannot de laminate or form a twist.

What’s new For 2021?


The new S-Curve profile

The new S-Curve profile (S for Smoothness, Speed, and Stability) is a new generation of limb profile that combines the best attributes of our previous Curve and Xcurve limbs.

Note these are not a super curved limb, the shape of the limb and profile is closer to the "uukha Curve limb". uukha have not gone mad and produced a very curved limb tip making them ideal for Target, Barebow, Field.archery and hunting for those that feel the need and can in their countries (not UK).

Draw-force curve

Compared to previous Uukha limbs, the beginning of the draw has the same easy feel as the Curve profile, while the end of the draw is as progressively smooth as in the Xcurve profile.

The new design and construction has allowed uukha to be able to improve the stored energy, speed and overall performance.

Limb bottom

A new “S” shaped bottom limb has enabled uukha to reduce the maximum thickness and mass weight.

NOTE: uukha Formula adapters cannot be used with S-Curve limbs.

Limb sleeve

The redesigned the limb sleeve gives greater protection to the limbs when they are stored separately.

The outer fabric is scratch resistant, water repellent and the new thick inner fleece protects the limb itself.

Extra-long target limb

Extra-long target Limb option spanning the entire target range so no more compromises on bow length. With uukha products you can now build a bow from 66” to 74” or (60" to 76") with other risers.


Handle Length

Short Limb

Medium Limb

Long Limb

X long limb






















Choosing the right limb for you

This is obviously a personal choice but the good news is that there are no wrong choices. All will enable you to shoot great scores and meet your archery goals. 

So it comes down to budget: The additional cost between the limbs really does boil down to the cost of the materials used and in the case of the Sx+ and Nature Altai limbs the unique construction of the carbon layers. All the limbs take a similar time to manufacturer and the process of testing also takes about the same time. From limb to limb the carbon content (which is already higher than any laminated limb) defines the characteristics of speed and smoothness. The higher the carbon content the lighter the moving parts of the limb are and the smoother and faster the limb will be. 

Ideally the best way to decide is to try them and use our experience in getting the correct length and draw weight - a service we offer in our pro shop where we have proper 18m indoor shooting range.

2021 Risers

uukha produce the Xpro2 riser in 25" & 27" to complement the range of limbs uukha and provide a great stable platform to get the best out of uukha limbs.
The use of pre peg carbon and a mix of High Modulus and Monolith carbon allows uukha to build a riser that moves and flexes in the right directions to provide a stable platform for even greater accuracy.

Available in Right Hand and Left Hand and two length 25" & 27" and a choice of colours.

Finally, uukha are always looking to give archers an edge to higher scores, the unique construction methods used in the limbs and the risers allow them to push the boundaries of long standing conventions and the latest is the introduction of an XL limb across the entire target range allowing archers to shoot longer stable bows - in the past the trade off was arrow speed and sight marks at the longer distances especially for club archers shooting lower draw weights than International archers - but now this is not the case.This position is now confirmed by Andrew testing a 72" bow and comparing the results to his 70" bow see below.

Uukha XPro2 | Bow International (

If you have a question or unsure what you should choose, please call into one of our shops, phone or email and we can help.

We are in the process of testing both the Sx+ and Sx50 limbs and we will share our findings with you shortly, however we are in no doubt based on past experience that these latest limbs are indeed faster and smoother than the previous range and raise the bar even higher for the competition to catch up.


Brace Height:

uukha recommend to respect the value in a +-10mm range.

Lower the brace height if you focus on speed, and increase it for stability and comfort.

Bow 74" 72" 70" 68" 66" 64" 62" 60" 58" 56"
Brace height +-10mm 239 mm 232 mm 225 mm 218 mm 211 mm 205 mm 198 mm 192 mm 186 mm 180 mm

String Length:

Bow 74" 72" 70" 68" 66"
S-Curve 1785 mm 1735 mm 1700 mm 1650 mm 1600 mm 1550 mm 1500 mm 1450 mm 1400 mm 1350 mm