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TITAN Scope Recurve

TITAN Scope Recurve
  • TITAN Scope Recurve

Our Price: £72.00

Titan Recurve Scope

A quality scope for recurve archers, with a zero magnification lens - it is FITA Olympic recurve legal.

The lens is made to a high quality by Hoya offering amazing clarity and sharpness.

2 Aperture Sizes "Micro" (Black casing only) 10.5mm & "Recurve" 14mm

Standard 8/32 Thread, 0 power lens.

Option of 3 sizes of Fibre Pin or a 2mm dot

Also comes as standard with a square aperture insert and 3 rubber "o" rings to reduce the viewing area.

Black O Rings Micro - 

Multi “O” ring lens retention also varies the aperture size from 10.5mm, 9mm down to 7.5mm in a few seconds.

The 10.5mm Micro Recurve Aperture has half the surface area of the 14mm Recurve Scope

Black O Rings Recurve -

Multi “O” ring lens retention also varies the aperture size from 14mm, 13mm, 11.6mm down to 11.2mm in a few seconds.

Recurve Aperture 8/32 Black with 0.030 Red Flo Pin usually stocked as standard. Other sizes allow 5 - 14 working days.

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Chris B - Colchester

5 Stars

I've just added 8 to my personal best for a Portsmouth using this scope in combination with a Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon Recurve Sight. I've always struggled a bit with a standard sight pin where part of the target is obscured, so this was an ideal solution for me and it seems much easier to focus on the gold. I ordered the 0.03" fibre pin which I've found to be fine at all distances. It isn't obvious on the website, but it comes with an additional lens with a 1mm dot, so you might want to think twice before ordering the 2mm dot version. As well as the 14mm aperture O ring that is fitted as standard, it also comes with additional O rings with 13mm, 11.5mm and 11mm apertures, plus there's an O ring with a 10mm square aperture. Do read the instructions on the back about melting the ends of the optic fibres to stop them falling out of the lens. Do it carefully with a lighter, and don't start too close. I was OK with mine more by luck than judgement, but the fibre does melt suddenly so you have been warned! It comes with a spare 2cm FITA legal fibre pin in case you mess it up. The scope is solidly made and there's nothing not to like about it so I thoroughly recommend it.