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The Heretic Archer - Recommended

The Heretic Archer - Recommended
  • The Heretic Archer - Recommended

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The Heretec Archer

By popular demand I am pleased to say that Vittorio has had some more copies printed

Vittorio & Michele Frangelli's take on archery and who can argue with their record.

What are the secrets that makes Michele so good (in fact all the archers Vittorio coaches) that he can handle the pressures of needing a 10 on the last arrow to win gold (Olympic team Gold 2012 & Nimes 2010 to name a couple) - it is all there in this book. Vittorio and Michele wondered whether they should share their secrets - we should all be pleased they did.

This book divilges far more than a first read would suggest and is based on years and years of analysis of various shooting styles and how the Heretic way born out of this analysis can benefit all archers without constraining them to shoot in a style that requires loads of effort and hard work.

This book covers all aspects of archery - from equipment selection, Shooting Form, how to practice/train and some interesting stories along the way. 

As an aside this book does not teach you to copy Michele (his version is unique to him) but explaines all the process he goes through and how this simple style (really :)) promotes stablity of the shot which can easily be adapted to anyrecurve archer.  

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