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The Better One Longrod - OK Archery

The Better One Longrod - OK Archery
  • The Better One Longrod - OK Archery

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The OK Archery "The Better One Long Rod" is supplied with 3 tuner clips.

The long rod can be used on recurve or compound bows and with or without the optional rubber dampener and weights. As with all stabilizer set-up's, it is a personal choice but the general rule is the higher the poundage the longer the rod needs to be or a shorter long rod will need more weight and perhaps a mono TFC to help with dampening.

Depending on the desired feel the stiffness of the rods can be controlled by the number of clips, rods below 30" may only require 1 clip and above 30" 2, 3 or 4.

After initial positioning of the clips, the clips will after a few shots settle down to the optimum position to help increase the dampening properties of the longrod. 

Initial set up positions: 1 Clip position it centrally on the rod, for 2 clips equal spacing (1/3 up from the handle and the second 2/3rds), 3 Clips 1 Centrally and the other two clips equal distance from the centre and V-bar/end of rod. 

These stabilisers and v-bars have been developed by OK Archery of Germany, for those of you who are not familiar with this brand. The company has been around since 1976 manufacturing high quality recurve and compound bows as well as accessories.

The quality of all their gear is always top drawer, using only the best materials available and manufactured to very high standard as expected from German made products. R&D features very highly in the companies philosophy and before any product is unleashed on to the market it goes through a comprehensive evaluation and testing process, this includes drawing on the experiences of top archers and engineers.

The design of "The Better One" was in request for a lighter but more effective stabilizer set-up which would offer good balance, reduction in weight and high dampening qualities.

Weights, single TFC rubbers, v-bar and twin rods are optional extras (as of course so are the bow, limbs rest and stand featured in the pictures).

These really do work and are not just a fad.

Thread size Bow end 5/16ths so fits all major risers and v-bars weights and rubbers again the standard 1/4" for weights (Note Female 1/4" thread.).

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