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Spigarelli - Spiga Revolution Riser

Spigarelli - Spiga Revolution Riser
  • Spigarelli - Spiga Revolution Riser

Our Price: £239.00

Spigarelli Revolution Recurve Riser ILF Limb fitting

In stock 1 x RH Black/White/Black
Allow 2 weeks - most colours sold out

Other colours may be available please call Green/White/Green & Black/Yellow/Red

Available in two models Target and Barebow(FITA legal).

Both models are suitable for target and barebow archery, the barebow version is approx 300g heavier.

Spigarelli are one of the few manufacturers that consistently come up with products that push the boundaries, from one of the first CNC handles ever, to magnetic rests and clickers, tabs and much more.

The Spiga Revolution handle is proving popular with archers that want to shoot something different the 3 CNC plates with built in dampers, wooden grip, integral magnetic rest and metal blade clicker certainly make it stand out on the shooting line. As with all Spigarelli equipment this is a well made riser if unconventional. The biggest issue people have with it is the price!! it's considered too cheap to be on a par with Hoyt and Win & Win. This is a good riser and those archers shooting it can't help feeling that they have beaten the system.

The Spiga Revolution handle comes left or right handed 23" (not barebow) or 25" and takes universal fitting limbs. Note the White is more of a silver.

International limbs pockets - full adjustment for Limb Alignment, Tiller and Draw Weight and supplied with a zero tolerance rest & Wood grip.

Some colours usually in stock

Free Bow Fitting & Set up in our Pro Shops when you buy your Riser and Limbs from us in store.

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Adam - Nottinghamshire

4 Stars

Excellent riser. Pro's: + comfy grip + will comfortably shoot very high draw-weights - I shoot ACE's at 30.5" on short limbs and 72lbs, not an issue. + very adjustable for arrow rest height, tiller and alignment + very well balanced + multiple bushings for long-rod placement + fantastic shock absorption, very little vibration or shock is transfered to the hand, even with my heavy draw-weight and very light arrows. cons: - bushing for top rod is off-centre due to design of sight-window - stainless steel bushings for longrods can unscrew and then requires threadlock applying - clearance for fletchings is a bit limitted, and low profile fletchings are strongly recommended.

Normally in stock - contact us to check colours available