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Shibuya Ultima Arrow Rest - In stock

Shibuya Ultima Arrow Rest - In stock
  • Shibuya Ultima Arrow Rest - In stock

Our Price: £33.00

Shibuya Ultima Arrow Rest

Rio Olympics - 106 out of 128 used this arrow rest.

This rest is designed to be be either right or left handed it is a simple process to swap round the wire rest, full instructions are included with each rest.

The new Shibuya Arrow Rest, this must be one of the most researched rests on the market. Shibuya have spent a lot of time designing this rest to meet the demands of top archers.

It can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally and is designed to fit the Shibuya DX button although other buttons will work with it (Beiter, Spigarelli, Cartel).

The kink in the wire ensures that it is compatible for use with all diameters of arrows.

The slim design improves arrow clearance for those that push the envelope when it comes to arrow spine selection.

For archers that colour match accessories the Shibuya colours are the same as the DX Button and Shibuya Recurve Sights.

The plate is very small so these rests fit most handles.

Ideal for carbon or Aluminium shafts.


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