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Shibuya Super DX Button Gold Tip *Best Buy* In stock

Shibuya Super DX Button Gold Tip *Best Buy* In stock
  • Shibuya Super DX Button Gold Tip *Best Buy* In stock

Our Price: £27.00

Shibuya DX Button

Black & Silver in stock other colours allow 7 days

The Shibuya DX button is a top notch product, very well engineered using quality materials. Very smooth action, it does not have the micro click adjustment feature of the more expensive buttons but it can still be accurately set up and is used by a number of top archers. A great balance between price and quality.

You can also take this button apart for cleaning without changing the spring tension adjustment.

Comes with a gold tip plunger and a spare nylon tip plunger(Teflon), Allen keys and additional springs

Black & Silver Stock Items

All other colours allow 7 days

The SHIBUYA DX plunger is packaged with three different strength springs to help achieve just the right hardness, but in addition it includes two high quality plunger tips:

The PB-3 Teflon Tip offers the least friction against the arrow, guaranteeing perfect arrow flight and optimal longevity of the arrow shaft.
The PB-3G Gold-plated tip offers superior durability, while still providing excellent friction properties.

No matter which tip you choose, your DX-Plunger will help you achieve your archery goals!

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