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Shibuya Spare Arm for Arrow Rest

Shibuya Spare Arm for Arrow Rest
  • Shibuya Spare Arm for Arrow Rest

Our Price: £7.50

Spare wire arm to fit shibuya arrow rest.

If you are breaking the wire arm, we suggest you check that your nocking point is not too low and or you are not pushing hard down on the arrow shaft at full draw.

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John Usher - Enfield

2 Stars

Broke two in 18 months - I may be cack-handed (I note the comment on potential reasons for breakages on the purchase form), but they do seem a little fragile, and are expensive to replace, especially if you need to remove the rest to remove the bit in the pivot (it can be hard to get out...), and need a new sticky pad, at extra cost. I now even keep the wire taped flat to the riser when not in use so as to avoid bending the wire when putting it in and out of the bag. First time I've used a stick on wire rest (Spigarelli bolt on before), so whether this is common to other makes of such rests I do not know.

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