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Recurve Bows

RECURVE BOWS, LIMBS & Riser Accessories

Remember if you buy your bow in store from us you will spend time with one of our experienced members of staff who are all archers - making sure the bow is suitable for you. You will have the oportunity to spend time in our range(s) shooting different combinations of risers(if required) and limb draw weights as this is the only way you can be sure of the feel and suitability . When finalised we will set your bow up for you. Finally if you are also buying arrows, once we have determined the right bow at a suitable draw weight will we then measure you for the correct spine arrows (very important) this is all part of the Pro Shop service. This means that when you walk out of one of our shops you are ready to shoot - no messing around with set up down the club or at home wondering if you have got it right, this could save you up to £50.00(set up fee) as well as get you shooting and improving quicker.

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