For the first time in 40 years we are closing for annual leave - from Saturday the 3rd of August till Saturday the 10th of August. We are taking orders but delivery will start after the 10th of August.
Some of the products and services we offer in our Pro Shops
Indoor Shooting Ranges
Both include: 5 Bosses 10 targets 20yrd/18m Rettendon & 15yrd Raydon.
  • We believe when buying a bow you cannot go by looks alone so the range is used to help you select your handle, the right limbs and other equipment
  • Practice 
  • Coaching
  • Turn up and pay by the hour, clubs can also block book the ranges at Rettendon and Raydon in the evenings.
  • Ranges available for hire by groups
Services/Workshop facilities
  • All Pro Shops have workshop facilities
  • Bow Set up
  • Warranty and/or Repairs
  • Arrow Making/Adjustments & Re fletching
  • New Strings & Cables
  • Unique Carbon Arrow Selection - Perris Archery  for all your arrow & arrow building requirements Indoor or Outdoor, Target, Field & Traditional more
Support, Coaching & Advice
  • All levels from Beginners to Advanced
  • Recurve
  • Compound
  • Longbow & Traditional
  • Bow Tuning
Comprehensive Beginners Fitting Service
  • SAVE Money - Get it right First time
  • Recommended by many clubs and coaches
  • We don't just sell archery equipment we ensure that it is right for you
Corporate & Social Parties (normally held at Raydon)
  • Corporate Entertainment 
  • Unique Meeting Venues
  • Birthday Parties
  • Stag & Hen Do's
  • Call us on 01245 400686 for details
Leisure Archery/Clubs Associations
  • Setting up archery facilities we can advise on doing it safely
  • Supply all the equipment
  • We also offer training.
We strive to offer a personal tailored service to all our customers the reason why we believe we have been so successful for the past 30 years and despite the recent growth of the company this philosophy is as true today as it was when we first started out.
We have invested in facilities (in both Pro Shops) so that when you buy a Bow from us you get the chance to shoot it at a sensible distance, not just look at it and pull it up a few times. ONLY when both YOU and WE are happy that it is the right specification  for YOU do we set it up ready for you to enjoy your archery.
Still confused about what you should buy  Come and talk to us - no obligation. 
With a large stock of equipment (probably the largest in the South East) and facilities to let you try before you buy you can be confident that you will get the right kit.