Unfortunately there may be a delay dispatching your order. Tony has suffered two strokes, however we are currently working through orders and will have your order with you, as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

2020/21 Season - Due to the current difficulties of clubs shooting indoors, we have suspended the league for this year. We expect to be back up and running for 2021/22.

2019/20 Season - Cancelled

Results February 2020

Download results here

Dear All 

Please find attached the latest results for February.

In a number of divisions we have teams fighting for top spot, so all to play for in March. 

Please be reminded that in March for those teams scheduled for two matches, that only one set of scores will be necessary, as we will use these scores for both matches. 

Keep safe and well 



Download  results here

Please find attached the results for January.

There are a number of teams that are still unbeaten, but with only two months remaining of the season all can change.

A special mention to Amelia Chumber who has once again broken the Lady Barebow record with a score of 278, well done.



Download December 2019 Results Here

Apologies for the delay releasing December results, for those that know Paul January is a very busy time work wise. Without Paul's enthusiasm and drive this league would not be the amazing success it is - we at Perris thank you for all you do. Again some great performances well done to everyone

Download November results PDFhere

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 

We have included the averages this month, so everyone can see were they are ranked. 

Please make sure with the festive period that scores are submitted for December within 3 days from the end of the month, as I seem to be chasing more and more teams each month. 




Down load PDF of October  Results here

This month we have seen three league records broken, Gents Barebow (James Hill - 271); Ladies Barebow (Amelia Chumber - 268) and Ladies Compound (Holly Clifford - 294), massive congratulations on you great scores.

We have had some close matches this month, with Braintree "A" just squeezing past Six Towns "A" by 8 points in Recurve Division 1.  Trackside just pipped Jersey "A" by 12 points in Recurve Division 2.  In Recurve Division 4 Valley Bowmen beat Thirsk to the post by just 2 points. It just goes to show that every arrow counts.

Next month we will publish the highest averages.



2019/20 Season - Taking entries now! until 15 September 2019

Dear All

Well the Summer is nearly over and we turn our thoughts to feathers and aluminium arrows, which only means the Indoor Season is upon us. We are now accepting entries

As a previous participant or those clubs wishing to join this year, we would like you to confirm if your club will be entering any teams this coming year, the deadline for entries will be Sunday 15th September 2019, priority will be given to existing clubs, as we only have limited spaces in the six Recurve Divisions and one Compound Division.

I would also like to mention that our age rule was changed last year, to enable those turning 18 during the league campaign to continue to shoot for their club until the end of the season. A copy of the rules are attached.

I would also mention that each Round of 30 arrows, at 20 yards, on a 60cm Face, has to be shot in the same session, but you can repeat the round as many times as you like in the month, with each archers highest round being put forward for team selection. A Round can’t be split over different sessions.

Please ensure that all information is provided:-

Club Name

AGB Club Number

Registered County

No of Recurve Teams

No of Compound Teams

Contact Name for Score Submissions

- Email Address

- Telephone No.

Many thanks and enjoy the last month of the Summer shooting. Also please feel free to forward this email onto other clubs in your area.

Also please note new email address for this year paul.ramos1440@gmail.com , need to keep emails separate from work emails.

Paul Ramos

League Secretary

2019/20 League Rules Here

The league is free to enter, but please do not enter if you will not be able to field a team each month, last year we had too many "Did Not Shoots" this is a let down to those that do field teams each month and as places are limited stopped another team from entering.

The Winners 2019
Firstly. a big thank you to Paul Ramos for running the league - this would not happen without him. This year has been challenging for him with work demanding a lot of his time. Everyone at Perris offers you a big thank you for what you are doing the league is going from strength to strength and recognised all over the UK, as the league for Juniors to be involved in over the winter. We hope it has inspired many archers to even greater scores next year. Well done to all the winners and those that shot PB's. Wishing you all an enjoyable outdoor season.
Perris Archery
PS we will get the shields engraved and posted out to the winners ASAP unfortunately we are still awaiting the return of 2 shields. 


Dear All

Please find attached the final results for this years indoor competitive, big congratulations to our winners, but a bigger thank you to all the archers that took part.

The winners are

Recurve Division 1 – Six Towns “A”

Recurve Division 2 – Wallingford Castle “A”

Recurve Division 3 – Jersey

Recurve Division 4 – Cleve “A” (just beating Deer Park “A” by cumulative points)

Recurve Division 5 – Thirsk

Recurve Division 6 – Noak Hill

Compound Division 1 – Deer Park “A”

If the winning club could send an address that we can send the winning shields once they have been engraved that would be great.

Hope you enjoyed the league and a big thank you to Perris Archery for their continued support.

See you after the summer.




February Results Here

Sorry for the delay, not had much available spare time lately.

As we are getting down to the business end of the season, just a reminder could all clubs that were winners last year please organise for the shield to be returned to

Andrew Smith Perris Archery Unit 42 Highlands Farm Southend Road, Chelmsford CM3 8EB

So we can get the engraving completed before presenting to this years winners.

Many thanks for your patience this month


anuary Results - Here revised 18 Feb 2019 

Dear All

Apologies there was an error on a submission from Valley Bowmen, I had incorrectly used their October Scores, instead of the January Scores that were on the same spreadsheet. Apologies below are the affected matches.

Valley Bowmen (752) beat Ebbsfleet Academy (554) by 198 points

Valley Bowmen

William Thompson (280); Eleanor Stott (252); Oscar Fenik (220)

Ebbsfleet Academy

Maizy-Jay Eakins (197); Adam Scott (186); Sipahi Selim (171)

Valley Bowmen (752) beat Deer Park "B" (650) by 102 points

Valley Bowmen

Eleanor Stott (237); Oscar Fenik (206); Hannah Stott (126)

Deer Park "B"

Imogen Colenutt (226); Emily Summers (223); Holly-Mae Clapton (201)

A revised set of results are attached.

Many thanks


Well done to all the teams that shot, it is disappointing that we are seeing more "DNS" each month not something we have suffered a great deal from in previous years. The league is free to enter but this should not devalue the achievements of the league and archers putting in scores - many organisations and NGB's watch the results with great interest each month and not forgetting that Paul puts in a lot of hard work running and compiling the results - it can be a bit disheartening.

Happy New Year

The Results for December 2018 - Some great scores posted

December 2018 Full Results

Dear All

November 2018 Results Here

Please find attached the November Results, just like to take this opportunity of wishing all our archers and organisers a Happy Christmas, and A Prosperous New Year.



October 2018 Results - Here all the way from Lanzarote 

Good luck to everyone

Download the fixtures here

Download the rules here - Please take note Round must be completed on the night and shot at 20yards on 60cm Full Size FITA 1-10 Zone Scoring face.

Dear All

Thank you for participating in the Perris Archery Junior Indoor League (PAJIL), attached is the fixtures for this coming year, we have some new teams this year, and have increased Division 6 to 10 teams in order to try and accommodate everyone.

As always if you have double matches in any particular month, then only submit one set of scores we will just apply the same scores to both matches, I know it’s hard to get the juniors to score rounds let alone, get them to do double. This is especially true for Division 6 with 10 teams there are 10 matches over 6 months to every other month is a double match, but you only have to submit 6 sets of scores.

Also attached is the rules for reference.

In terms of submitting scores, this needs to be done by no later than 3 day after the end of each month. Please ensure this is adhered to otherwise you could forfeit the match.

The format for submission should be as below



Shooting Stars Bowmen


Recurve Division 6

Archer Name


Bow Style

Date of Birth




Donald Duck







Mickey Mouse







Minnie Mouse







Team Total




If you have any questions then please feel free to drop me an email, otherwise good luck for the season ahead.

Many thanks

Paul Ramos

League Secretary




Any questions please email Paul Ramos League Organiser 

2017/18  Season

March Results and Final Standings

See results here


So another season has come and gone and all the results are in.

Just like to say a big thank you to all those that collect the submit the scores each month, it makes my life easier. But the biggest thank you is to the junior archers.

So what you all been waiting for the Divisional Champions are:-

Recurve Division 1 – Rayleigh Town “A” with 100% unbeaten record this year.

Recurve Division 2 – Six Towns “A”, who only pipped Selby “A” by cumulative scores.

Recurve Division 3 – Overton Black Arrows with 100% unbeaten record this year.

Recurve Division 4 – Jersey, but top three teams could only be separated by cumulative scores.

Recurve Division 5 – Cleve “A”, with 100% unbeaten record this year.

Recurve Division 6 – Cleve “B”, with 100% unbeaten record this year.

Compound Division 1 – Deer Park “A” along with High Weald did not lose a match all season, and even drew their head to head, but Deer Park won the division on cumulative scores.

Well done to all those that competed.

See you next Indoor Season.

Anyone who hasn’t returned a trophy, can you please ensure they are returned to Perris Archery, Rettendon Shop, so we can get the engraving done and awarded to this year’s winners.


I hope you all enjoyed shooting the league this winter, enjoy the outdoor season and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Paul has done a great job running the league I am sure we all would like to thank him for a job well done, without his organisation and dedication all of this would not happen. 

Thank you Paul

Andrew & the team at Perris Archery

PS Don't forget to return the shields so far we have had only 1 back....

February 2018 Results - Here

Congratulations to Isaac Shaw (Deben) who increased his Longbow Record to 143 this month.

Things are starting to hot up in the league table, a number of teams still have 100% records, but that can all change in March, where we have two matches in the month, don’t worry we are not expecting two sets of scores, the scores submitted in March will be applied to both matches.

Recurve Division 1 – Rayleigh Town “A” defeated Woking, their nearest rivals this month, so are now in the driving seat in this Division, Woking will be hoping that Clacton and Burleigh “A” will do them a favour against Rayleigh Town “A” in this month’s matches.

Recurve Division 2 – This Division has on 2 points separating 5 teams, so double matches in March could resulting in any of those teams taking the honours.

Recurve Division 3 – Overton Black Arrows are unbeaten in this Division, but with two matches in March against 3rd placed team (Guildford “B”) and 4th placed team (Abbey (Herts)), they need to continuing their winning ways this month, otherwise Trackside could take advantage of any slips.

Recurve Division 4 – With two teams on 100% unbeaten run, and level on cumulative points. In March, Jersey face Supermarine “A” who they are tied for in 1st place, but they also face Harworth “A” who are sitting in 3rd place having only lost one match so far. This Division could be a close finish.

Recurve Division 5 – We have a similar scenario in this Division with Cleve “A” and Deer Park “A” both protecting their unbeaten runs going into the last month. But they too face off in March in a Division decider.

Recurve Division 6 –Yet again we have two side with 100% records, Cleve “B” and Perris Archery, with Winnington Park just behind in 3rd place, Cleve “B” vs Perris Archery could be a decider, but with WInnington Park also facing Perris Archery this month, they could sneek up on the rails.

Compound Division 1 – Currently Deer Park “B” are sitting top of the league with only 1 match for our compound teams in March, they face Deer Park “A” in their final match, therefore we know that the “A” side will leapfrog their “B” team this month, so that could open the door for 3rd place High Weald, who are level on points with Deer Park “A”. This division could be decided by cumulative points, and with only 8 points separating Deer Park “A” and High Weald, this could be a nail biting finale, so expecting some high scores this month from all three teams.

On a separate note could any of the teams in possession of the trophies arrange for them to return to Perris Archery, Rettendon Shop. But also contact the Shop by email to inform them they are on their way. We will then be able to get them engraved with the winning teams, and delivered to the successful clubs.

Last Year Winners

Div 1 – Rayleigh Town “A”

Div 2 – Woking

Div 3 – Six Towns “A”

Div 4 – Blandy Jenkins

Div 5 – Supermarine “A”

Div 6 – Cleve

Compound - Andover

Good luck to all.


Results January 2018

Averages January 2018


Hi All

Sorry for the delay just was away this week on holiday. So this weekend was first opportunity to publish the results.

Many thanks

Paul Ramos
League Secretary


Happy New Year to all our archers.

We had some close matches this month in the Recurve Divisions:-

Meriden beat Hertford by only 5 points

Cleve “B” beat Winnington Park by only 10 points

Also in the Compound Division:-

Cleve beat Rayleigh Town by only 9 points
We are now at the halfway point, so still plenty to play for in all the divisions.

League Secretary

Results Dec 2017

Year on Year Averages DEC 17


Great to see some of our Juniors having success at both the Junior and Senior Nationals this year, the future is definitely bright for Archery.

Just to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and A Prosperous New Year.



League Secretary




Great start to this year's campaign, we have our first drawn match ever, the Compound Match between newcomers Deer Park "A" and High Weald, they both scored 579 with 39 10's each, two great scores.

We have included a Year on Year Average table, which shows those archers that have had a positive improvement on their average score from last year, the top 5 improver's so far are:-
Riley Smith - Six Towns
Scott Arnold - Trackside
Ben Moore - Wallingford Castle
Jodie Buckner - Overton Black Arrows
Mollie Perrett - Jersey

All the results can be found on Perris website.

Well done to all archers.


2017 / 2018 Fixtures details here

2017/18 Rules here

2017 March Results and final places
Download results here

As the curtain falls on another successful Perris Archery Junior Indoor League campaign, we have a little matter of determining who are the Champions. I would just like to thank Perris Archery for supporting the league for the last 5 years.

Recurve Division 1

At the start of the month Rayleigh Town “A” were sitting pretty with a two point lead, with two strong wins in March over their nearest rivals allowed them to keep a 100% record and win the division.

Recurve Division 2

The Woking team were just too strong for this division, and continued with their winning streak in March to take the honours, watch out all those in Division 1 next year.

Recurve Division 3

Malvern were top of the division going into March, but failed to win their matches against Selby “A” and Six Towns “A”. Which saw both teams take full advantage, with Six Towns “A” edging out Selby “A” by virtue of cumulative points to be crown division winners.

Recurve Division 4

Another great performance this month saw Blandy Jenkins, or should we say the “Barrett-Rees Family” take the title with some excellent scores throughout the whole season.

Recurve Division 5

Supermarine “A” were trying to remain at the top of the division, but this month saw Bricotes “A” push them all the way, Supermarine “A” managed to win the title by virtue of cumulative points scored from Bricotes “A”.

Recurve Division 6

Cleve were not going to fall at the final hurdle in March, they finished with two wins to secure a 100% record and the division title.

Compound Division 1

With two wins each for Andover “A”, High Weald and Rayleigh Town in March. The division positions did not change from February, so Andover “A” were crowned Division winners, but High Weald pushed them all the way.

Recurve Averages

Gents Overall/Under 18 – Alex Body 296

Ladies Overall/Under 18 – Eleanor Piper 289

Gents Under 16 – Finnlay Barrett-Rees 285

Ladies Under 16 – Hannah Evans 274

Gents Under 14 – Roman Quinton 285

Ladies Under 14 – Louisa Piper 285

Gents Under 12 – Matthew Cannell 248

Ladies Under 12 – Rebecca Blackwell 239

Barebow Averages

Gents Overall – Ollie Smith 261

Ladies Overall – Alice Smallbone 215

Compound Averages

Gents Overall – Kai Thomas-Prause 297

Ladies Overall – Victoria Loader 286

Top 5 Most Improved Archers from last year

Heidi North +88.8%

Daisy Shaw +71.5%

Charlotte Fildes +58.6%

Ella Perring +44.2%

Jenson Hooks + 43.6%

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the junior archers that submitted scores, without you the league wouldn’t have gone from strength to strength over the years.

Now enjoy the Summer Season and we will see you all back again in October.



League Secretary.

7 March 2017 - February Results

Download Results  PDF here

The finish line is in sight, we have a number of teams with their noses in front, but with two matches in March, things can all change.

Just a reminder that in March each team only has to submit one set of scores, we will apply those scores to both of your matches.

Recurve Division 1 there was a changing of the guard at the top of the table, league leaders Deben “A”, were beaten by West Essex, which has opened the door to Rayleigh Town “A” going into the last month. But with Rayleigh Town “A” facing both Deben “A” and West Essex in their last two matches, this Division seems like it will go down to the wire.

Recurve Division 2 Woking are still sitting pretty at the top with 100% record, but there is a chasing pack of three (Rayleigh Town “B”, Burleigh “A”, Wallingford Castle “A”) all just one win away.

Recurve Division 3 Malvern maintain their 100% record, but are closely followed by Six Towns “A” and Selby “A”. In March Malvern face both Six Towns “A” and Selby “A” so every chance of any one of the three teams taking the Division Title.

Recurve Division 4 Blandy Jenkins have shown great form in this Division winning every match with impressive scores, but Rayleigh Town “C” will not give up hope.

Recurve Division 5 Supermarine “A” are leading the Division, but are being pursued by Jersey “A” and Bricotes “A” who are tied in 2nd place.

Recurve Division 6 Both Cleve and Andover “B” have continued with 100% records, but they will face each other in March, so who will be victorious.

Compound Division 1 Fending off the challenges from other teams is Andover “A” still maintaining a 100% record, just one more match to negotiate for Andover “A”, as their 2nd match is a Bye, to be crown Compound Champions.

Best of luck to everyone going into the last month, also a reminder to all those that won trophies last year, could you organise to have these returned as soon as possible, in order for us to be able to get them engraved with this year’s winners

Please send them to

Perris Archery

Unit 42, Highlands Farm, Rettendon, Essex, CM3 8EB

Telephone number 01245 400686

Paul Ramos

League Secretary

9 February 2017 - January results



Well what a month we have had our first perfect score in the Gents Compound the magic 300 was scored by Kai “Master Perfect” Thomas-Prause from High Weald club, huge congratulations to Kai.

Also this month we had some close matches that went down to single digits. In Recurve Division 1 West Essex squeezed past Guildford “A” by just 8 points. Also in Division 4 Trackside managed to beat Deben “B” by just 3 points, wow that is close.

With two months left League Leaders are:-

Recurve Division 1 – Deben “A” and Rayleigh Town “A” with 100% record

Recurve Division 2 – Woking and Wallingford Castle “A” with 100% record

Recurve Division 3 – Malvern and Selby “A” with 100% record

Recurve Division 4 – Blandy Jenkins with 100% record

Recurve Division 5 – Supermarine “A” with 100% record

Recurve Division 6 – Cleve and Andover “B” with 100% record


Paul Ramos

League Secretary

5 January 2017 - December Results

Results here

Happy New Year to You All
Well we are at the halfway point in this year’s competition, we have a number of teams across all the divisions that going into 2017 will be looking to maintain their 100% record.
Recurve Division 1 – Deben “A” and Rayleigh Town “A”.
Recurve Division 2 – Woking and Wallingford Castle “A”.
Recurve Division 3 – Malvern and Selby “A”
Recurve Division 4 – Blandy Jenkins
Recurve Division 5 – Supermarine “A” and Jersey “A”
Recurve Division 6 – Cleve and Andover “B”
With Supermarine “A” and Jersey “A” facing each other in January one team is going to lose their unbeaten winning streak.
Many thanks 

5 December 2016 - November Results

Results here

Another storming month from our juniors, we have had a number of records broken once again, congratulations to the siblings Eleanor and Louisa Piper who both broke the Ladies Recurve Record this month, they both shot an impressive 293 this month, so they both jointly hold the record, nothing like a bit of sibling rivalry to push you on.  With those two impressive scores and backed up by teammate James Woodgate score of 288, Woking also managed to set a new Recurve Team Record of 874. 
Also Kai Thomas-Prause is ever increasing to the “Perfect Round”, this month saw him increase the Gents Compound Record by a further point to 298. 
This month saw a nailing biting match between Malvern and Meriden, Malvern (701) squeaked past Meriden (700) by one solitary point. I think that is the closest match we have ever had.
 December will be a testing month, to see how many teams can stay unbeaten, over the festive period. 
Just like to wish all our clubs and juniors, a very Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year. 

Thanks Paul

10 November 2016 - October Results

Read results here

Sorry for the delay, been chasing numerous clubs for submissions, going forward if submissions are not made within 3 days from the end of the month, then we will have to record a “Did Not Shoot”.  We have allowed some leeway this month.
Well the season has kicked off in spectacular fashion with two records being broken.
The Recurve Team Record of 859 set by Thanet, has been broken by Deben (Ollie Vobe, Roman Quinton, Jason Cooper) with a score of 868. 
Also Gents Compound Record set by Harry Datchler (Bayeux) of 295, has been broken by Kai Thomas-Prause (High Weald) with an impressive 297.  It will not be long before one of our juniors shoots a perfect round.
Well done to both record breakers.
We have had a change in Division 6 fixtures, as St.Mary’s could not field a team, so Cleve Archers have taken their place.
Many thanks
League Secretary

Hi All
Please find attached the fixture list for all 6 Recurve Divisions, yes 6 full divisions now, with teams from as far South as Jersey, as far North as Yorkshire, as far West as Glamorgan and as far East as Essex & Suffolk (see attached list of entrants). 
Also attached is the rules for this year
The league starts from the 1st October 2016 and runs through to 31st March 2017, please note that ALL Divisions, will have a double match in March, but this year we will only ask teams to submit one set of scores, as the same scores will apply to both matches in March.
If your team has a BYE, please ensure that you still submit scores in that month, as they will count in the individual averages.
When submitting scores at the end of each month, can you please ensure that the following details are put in the email:-
Club ABC Bowmen “A”
Division Recurve Division 1
Archer Name Gender Bow Style Date of Birth Score Hits 10’s
Billy Bunter Gent Recurve 29/04/2000 181 30 6
Rupert Bear Gent Barebow 07/07/1998 180 28 5
Dolly Mixture Lady Longbow 14/09/1996 175 26 4
Team Total 536 84 15
Please make sure that you mention the Bow Style, as we will be compiling individual averages for each bowstyle.
Also don’t forget this is a “Half Portsmouth” Round, 6 sighters, then 30 arrows at 20 yards, each round must be completed at one session.
The final results will be published within 7 days from the end of the month on Perris Archery website and via email. I will be also be compiling a table of Individuals Scores, no prizes I’m afraid, just bragging rights. Please ensure that the DOB are shown for each archer so that we can categorise the individual stats by age group.
Good luck to all the teams, if you have any questions then please drop me an email.
Paul Ramos
League Secretary

2016/17 Fixtures

2016/17 Highest Scores To date.

Hi All
It’s that time of the year again Summer is nearly over and our thoughts turn to the Indoor Season.
This year the Perris Archery Junior Indoor League is in it’s 5th year, with clubs from around the country showing interest in joining the league.
The league is based on a half Portsmouth round 30 arrows at 20 yards, on a 60cm face target.
Each recurve team consists of 3 archers, each compound team consists of 2 archers.  
This year we hope to increase the number of teams. There is no fee for entering as the trophies are sponsored by Perris Archery.  So the competition is ideal to keep the juniors motivated over the winter months from October to March.   
I’ve attached the rules for this year.
Could you please confirm if your club will be entering any teams this coming year, the deadline for entries will be Friday 23rd September 2016.
Please ensure that all information is provided:-
Club Name
AGB Club Number
Registered County
No of Recurve Teams
No of Compound Teams
Contact Name for Score Submissions
  • Email Address
  • Telephone No.
Many thanks
Paul Ramos
League Secretary

email info@perrisarchery.co.uk

9/4/16 - 2015/2016 Comes to a close with a dramatic Finale.

Download March results and final tables here

So we have come to the end of another year, this year has seen the league grow to six Recurve Divisions with over 220 archers submitting scores from across the whole country.
We hope to see all those teams that participated this year register again for next year, and also let other clubs in your area know about the league.
In March we had some exceptional scores with 3 League Records being broken.
Elanor Piper (Woking) scored an incredible 291 to increase the Recurve Ladies Record by 1 point, she jointly owned the previous record with Jaspreet Sagoo (Oakfield).
Harry Datchler (Bayeux) put in a phenomenal score of 295 to break the Compound Gents Record by 1 point, which has been held by James Howell (Mayflower) since November 2013.
Lastly with Harry’s exceptional score along with teammate Kai Thomas-Prause, they increased their own previous Compound Team Record by 3 points to a new record of 586.
Now down to the important part, who will be polishing the Divisional Shields this year:-
We are proud to announce the following Divisional Champions
Recurve Division 1 – Rayleigh Town AC “A”
Recurve Division 2 – Rayleigh Town AC “B”
Recurve Division 3 – Woking AC
Recurve Division 4 – Six Towns Company of Archers“A”
Recurve Division 5 – Rayleigh Town AC “C”
Recurve Division 6 – Six Towns Company of Archers “B”
Compound Division 1 – Bayeux Bowmen
I think Rayleigh Town and Six Towns might be needing a bigger trophy cabinet.
Congratulations to all the clubs and archers who competed this year, but a big thank you must go to Perris Archery for sponsoring the league.
Hopefully see you all next year.
Paul Ramos

I would like to add my thanks to Paul for running a great league which from the feedback is doing what we hoped - encouraging our younger archers to go on to better things and those on the fringes of making a team want to work harder to get a place.

Well done to all the archers who have taken part - hopefully we will see you all and some new faces next year.

Good luck to all during the outdoor season.

The trophies will be engraved this month and passed on the all the winning teams.

Best regards
Perris Archery


Download February Results 2016 Here (pdf)

We are nearing the close of this year’s competition, but all is still to play for as in Recurve Division 1,2,3 & 4 we have two matches in March.  So plenty of points up for grabs.
Recurve Division 5 & 6 and Compound Division just need to submit the one score in March.
Recurve Division 1 - Leading the way is Guildford “A” with 100% record, but they are being pursued by Rayleigh Town “A” and Oakfield.  But with Rayleigh Town “A” having to play both sides, things could change in the next month.
Recurve Division 2 – Rayleigh Town “B” also have an unbeaten record and have a 4 point lead over their nearest rivals, so the title is in their hands going into March.
Recurve Division 3 – Woking with a 100% record have slender lead over Burleigh “A”, so Burleigh will be hoping for Woking to drop some points in the remaining two matches.
Recurve Division 4 – Six Town “A” (100% record), Malvern “A” and Meriden are all only separated by 2 points, with Six Towns “A” facing both challengers in March, who knows if they will still be sitting top of the table at the end of the month.
Recurve Division 5 – Rayleigh Town “C” have a two point lead over Crieff, so Rayleigh Town “C” will be hoping for some solid scoring in their match in March to maintain their 100% unbeaten record.
Recurve Division 6 – Trackside and Six Towns “B” both have 100% records going into March, and guess what March they face each other in March, in the “Winner Takes All” match for the title.
Compound Division – Bayeux have shown consistently good scoring all season to be crowned Champions with one match to play.
Thanks Paul


Download January Results Here PDF


Happy New Year.

Decembers Results Available Here

8/12/15 - Download PDF November revised 17/12/15 Results here

Well done Eleanor Piper who equalled the Ladies Recurve Record with a 290.
Also very close match between West Essex “A” and Rayleigh Town “A” only 2 points in it.
Even closer in the Compound with only 1 point separating Bayeux and Mayflower

9/11/15 - Download PDF OCTOBER revised 17/12/15 RESULTS here

4/11/15 - We now have a facebook page which can be found here, it is for you to use to post pictures and add comments


NEWS Flash

Download PDF here