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Perris Archery Target System In stock

  • Perris Archery Target System In stock

Our Price: £295.00
Perris Full Size Coiled Foam Boss with the Professional replacement Centre.

Suitable for all arrows - Carbon, Aluminium & Wood shot from all types of Bows Recurve Compound Longbow Traditional.​

A good quality foam Boss with heavy duty replaceable centre.

Easy to withdraw arrows even from compounds.

Construction coiled foam - Light weight with carry handles and can also be rolled easily in to position. 20cm depth means they are also easy to store.

Spares available:
Replaceable Centre with White dura centre available £130.00
Also White centre is also replaceable 19cm in diameter on its own (£35.00).
Diameter 131cm approx
Depth 20cm approx

Weight 23kg approx

Good arrow stopping power for all types of arrows, shot from all bow types, additional stopping power from the the "Professional" replaceable centre which also extends the total life of the boss.

Can be used with the popular 3 legged stands.but ideally a 4 leg stand.

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Online we quote a standard 1 unit delivery cost (this is mainland UK standard delivery).
For bulk deliveries (more than one) and those over water or in very remote places such as the Highlands of Scotland please contact us.

Please note this is a really durable foam boss but there is not a product on the market that can sustain repeated multiple arrows per end shot from a compound bow at a very small spot so it is important to manage the natural usage.
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Normally in stock

Product excluded from all offers and promotions

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