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Most of Suzanne's time and mine is now spent getting enough of what we order to keep our archers going, it does seem to be getting a little better.

Easton ACC shafts are almost gone, only really have 2.00, 3.00 remaining.

We have an alternative alloy/carbon on the way, PANDARUS-ELITE they are not Easton but tests so far are promising. We have shafts with spine ratings of 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 due along with 120grn points, nock pins and nocks I believe.  Price to be confirmed but expected to be around £265 per dozen including the dreaded VAT.   You will be able to buy these in eights at £176 First stock has just arrived

Remember too, that here in the east of England we are the only shop with a shooting range (15 yards) suitable for beginner and more advanced coaching, testing equipment and being fitted out properly with your new kit, something that we have been doing for over forty years.

A few lightly used Bitzenburger fletching jigs with straight clamps available at £45 each, 

End of winter season, a few fat arrows for line cutting made in sets of three/four if you wish.

NEW CARBON RISER and LIMBS imminent, riser only 793 grams