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Mybo Wave Recurve Bow Kit

Mybo Wave Recurve Bow Kit
  • Mybo Wave Recurve Bow Kit

Our Price: £533.00
Mybo Wave bow kit

There are no excuses with this bow kit we have selected products that will help you to progress and enjoy your archery.

A bow kit is an easy and economical way (just over 10% if items bought seperately) of buying all the items required in one hit, this riser is one of our most popular sellers.

Kit Includes:
Riser CNC machined & annodised Mybo Wave
Limbs  - Marked draw weight between 16lb and 40lb in 2lb increments 
Fastflight String & Nocking points
Arrows - Easton Jazz optional upgrade to Easton Platinum xx75
Worm Drive Sight - Black
Flipper Arrow Rest - EX
Pressure Button 
Platform Tab
Finger or Wrist Sling
Quiver with Belt
Back Pack
Bow Stand
Bow Stringer
Book - Archery GB Beginners Guide.

Based on the details you give us with regards you draw length and required arrow length we will work out the best spine arrow shaft for you. 

Arrows will be fletch straight and using Perris Vanes appropriate vane size for shaft - please refer to colour chart

Before shipping we will set up your bow with the basic set up so that all you will have to do is put the string and limbs on the right way up add removable accessories - sight and longrod therefore no messing around with allen keys and deciphering bow set up's on the internet before you can get shooting - Tiller 4mm Positive, Brass Nocking Points fitted, Limb tip alignment set.

If you have any questions before ordering please contact us.

This Bow Kit is available in our Pro Shops, however you will not be able to substitute accessories for alternatives without having to pay the full price for the alternatives.

Product excluded from all offers and promotions.
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