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Mybo Sureshot Target Bag - In stock

Mybo Sureshot Target Bag - In stock
  • Mybo Sureshot Target Bag - In stock

Our Price: £70.00
Mybo Surshot 70cm Target Bag

In stock

The SURESHOT 70cm is a high density bag target designed to stop arrows from high performance bows, including high energy compounds and crossbows.

This is no lightweight. The high density construction offers good stopping power. And the best bit? Super easy arrow removal! Arrows just slide out.

Each target is printed on both sides, with a variety of dot sizes to test your skill.


The SURESHOT has the superior stopping power and is unique in the fact that you can withdraw arrows very easily. Perfect for shooting at short range with powerful bows.

The HOTSHOT has the same stopping power as a conventional layered foam target - i.e. Very good. 60# compounds with conventional arrows, all recurve bows and traditional bows will work well with this target. Middle weight crossbows are also OK. For heavy weight crossbows or super high energy compounds with small diameter carbon arrows, you will get better results with the SURESHOT.

Approx Size: 70cm x 65cm x 30cm Average Weight: 22KG

Please note the delivery charge for mainland UK is £18.95 EACH (the cart does not calculate this for multiple purchases) Over water my be more.

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