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Mybo Origin Compound Bow

Mybo Origin Compound Bow
  • Mybo Origin Compound Bow
  • Mybo Origin Compound Bow
  • Mybo Origin Compound Bow
  • Mybo Origin Compound Bow
  • Mybo Origin Compound Bow

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Mybo Origin Compound

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Proving to be popular with club archers offering a blend of ease of use and great value.

We are impressed with the enhanced features and build quality, which addresses issues we have seen in other products - even simple things like the size of the spindles and lack of cam lean.

We are sure that the flexibility in the set up options will appeal to archers to allow them to adjust the bow to their liking. For a top of the range bow the price is good to.


  • Made in the UK
  • Riser, pockets and cams all machined from solid billets of 6082 aluminium
  • Polished anodised finish in 8 beautiful colours
  • Precision grip
  • Stainless steel sealed ball bearings
  • Over sized 6mm axles for increased rigidity
  • Balanced, centreline cam design
  • Totally customizable draw stop and back end feel
  • Totally straight and level nocking point travel through every draw length setting
  • Wide stance, load balanced limbs with high pre-load
  • Adjustable cable guard with powerful clamping mechanism
  • Teflon cable slider as standard
  • SVL limb dampers as standard
  • Stainless steel stabiliser inserts and bushings


  • Axle to Axle: 35" But due to the cam size and design you have a length and string angle closer to a 38" Bow
  • Brace Height: 7.75" (Cam 1)
  • Brace Height: 7.25" (Cam 2)
  • Mass Weight: 4.5lbs
  • ATA Speed: 318fps
  • Cam 1: 27" - 31" (rotating module with 7 settings)
  • Cam 2: 24" - 27" (rotating module with 6 settings)
  • Let off: 65% - 80%
  • Max draw weights - Standard: 40#, 50#, 60#
  • Max draw weights - Custom: 35#, 45#. 55#, 65#
  • Warranty 3 years to the original owner.(Not transferable).
  • Download user manual here

*Specifications are approximate depending on configuration

* Draw weights listed are the maximum when fully wound up. Limbs can be backed out a maximum of 7 full turns, The amount of poundage change varies depending on the original peak weight. Typically this equates to approximately 17%.

Comments from Ben (Mybo) "I've been getting a lot of questions about the cams. We spent a lot of time getting these cams right. And I mean A LOT! We have named them 'Source Cams'.

Here is some more information and I'll do my best to describe them. But you really need to try them for yourself! 

We have 2 cam sizes.

Cam 1: 27" - 31" (rotating module with 7 settings)
Cam 2: 24" - 27" (rotating module with 6 settings)

Every draw length position feels good. The highly customisable stop gives the archer the ability to fine tune the feel at the back end of the draw cycle. The let off can be adjusted to suit your preference, but more than that, the stop tension can be subtly altered. You can simulate the feel of a rock hard 'Limb Stop', or soften it ever so slightly to have a little more 'give'.

Tunability is at the heart of this design. Everything is centralised, evenly balanced and symmetrical. The 'Centre Line' design places the bow string down the centre of the limbs, and we have taken great care to balance the cams loading evenly across the width. Nocking point travel is perfectly straight and level through every draw length setting. (A feature you may assume exists in all cam designs, but it does not.)

We now use stiffer, 6mm diameter axles and sealed, stainless steel bearings. 3/16" axles have been the industry standard for decades. The same diameter as used on the old small round wheels of the 1980's. 3/16" are under sized for the cams of todays high performance bows. Simply put, they flex. So we've broke from the norm, and uprated ours.

The string tension at brace height is tight and solid. With everything being centrally loaded on a rigid axle, the cam oscillation after the shot is almost non existent. Vibration is very low and the sound is just great. String suppressors are not required.

The draw cycle is even and controllable. You can feel it is a high energy cam, but toned back enough to avoid that aggressive, difficult to draw feeling like some other cams.

Its difficult to describe how something feels These bows are now available so if you can give one a try before making a decision."


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