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Beginners Limb Exchange Programme

On paper a limb exchange programme for beginners looks great.

However, for over 30 years we have never offered this option

Here are all the reasons why we don't believe it works for beginners.

We are all experienced competitive archers that have shot to a high level. We made one of the most successful tournament recurve bows sold in the UK - The Perris Whitehart. We love our sport and want everyone to feel the same. If something is not good enough for us, why should it be good enough for our customers.

We believe the biggest benefit of a limb exchange scheme is for the dealer, it makes it quick and easy to set up a new archer, less time and experience is needed to advise on getting the correct limb weight and length. - Afterall if wrong just change them…

Arrows - to help keep costs down, beginners first time out end up with over long, too stiff arrows (again less time needed to get it right) and told they will grow into them as they increase their draw weight - so at the most crucial and exciting time - getting your first bow. You have a piece of equipment (arrows) that are not right and can seriously hamper your progress.

You rarely get new limbs and we do not know what has happened to them once they leave the shop.

No wonder up to 10% of the membership leaves every year because of lack of progress.

Selecting the correct draw weight - Limbs are either right or wrong - we work hard on getting them right.

Most archers start on a draw weight that is wrong for them (usually down to poor form), again this hampers progress and hides form issues that if addressed earlier (corrected by us when selecting your first limbs) leads to faster progress and enjoyment.

If limbs are selected correctly first time out, actually shooting limbs in our full size indoor ranges and being expertly advised on the best weight for you, the number of changes in limbs most club archers make is one, possibly two and that is to their final set.

Arrows - one set of arrows is not enough

We cannot stress enough that the correct arrows are crucial to your progress, at all levels of our sport - Every time you change your limb weight you have to change your arrows (with a limb exchange scheme that could be as many as 5!). We do not believe it is correct to claim that it does not matter what arrows a beginner uses as they are still learning. Arrows too stiff or too weak magnify form errors, so you never know whether it is you or the equipment that has put the arrow in the black.

Also, every time you change your draw weight, you need to make changes to the set up of your bow - but this is pointless if your arrows don't match the upgrade in limb draw weight - all you are doing is bodging a bad situation.

Get it right first time

Time is precious so, when you leave us, after we have taken time and care to get it all right for you. You will have the correct bow, all set up correctly, the correct arrows, hopefully shooting a bit better and a place to ask questions to help you quickly progress and enjoy your archery.

The reason why many club coaches all over the UK trust us with kitting out their beginners.