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Spin Type Vanes

KSL Jet 6 Spin Vanes - Recommended - In stock


KSL Jet 6 Spin Vanes - Recommended - In stock

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KSL Jet 6 Spin Vanes

Easy to Fit/Great Stable Arrow Flight/Faster Arrow speed

1.75" Normally in stock
2.00" Special Order allow 7 days

After a year
"I have now been shooting these vanes for the whole of the outdoor season, this is an achievement in itself as those that know me, know that in the past I have not been a fan of spin type vanes. For my shooting style I always found straight vanes more consistent in all types of weather. Yet each February I fletched up my arrows with Spin type vanes and before the competitive season has started they have been removed - BUT you can't help noticing that all top recurve archers use them and all the top coaches I know around the World look at me with bewilderment for not using them. 

Last year I fletched up my x10's with the KSL 1.75" vanes and in combination with actually putting in some effort and practice, especially tidying up my release I have recorded two of my best seasons for many years and again feel the outdoor season has come to a close far too early.

Initial concerns about robustness have been unfounded, even tight groups and being hit by competitive archers arrows I have not had to replace too many vanes. In fact I have shot vanes that really should be replaced with damage on the leading edges and they have still flown well (342@30m).

The vanes are fitted straight and arrow flight coupled with the correct spine of shaft and bow tune gives great arrow flight and grouping in all weathers even heavy rain, the result is I am impressed". - Andrew

Easy to fit
These are one of the easiest vanes to fit accurately to a shaft. We feel these are designed for shafts no bigger in diameter than say an Easton ACC shaft, mainly because of the diameter of the shrink wrap top and tail collars and the radius of the foot of the vane. For ACC's bigger than a 3-00 diameter it might be easier to use top and tail spin wing tape to finish them off.

Fix Straight
The stiffness of the foot of the vane makes it easy to place accurately on the line, fitting straight is recommended by KSL, but it is very easy to add a degree or two if required.

The technical stuff from KSL

Download the KSL PDF here

See video below for an overview of how these vanes are designed to work.

KSL Jet6 Vanes are the result of a long period of development by internationally renowned USA coach Kisik Lee.


"KSL Jet6 Vanes will show unparalleled performances that have not been witnessed in any other vanes. As an archery coach, I firmly believe that this newest technology embedded in KSL Jet6 Vanes will increase average scores of all archery competitors worldwide. I expect new world records set with KSL Jet6 Vanes. I truly believe that KSL Jet6 Vanes will help improve personal best scores for all levels of competitors".

Professor Woongchul Dan Choi, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Fluid Dynamics, gives his analysis on how KSL Jet6 Vanes improve the flight of arrow.

"KSL Jet6 Vanes are designed with close attention to the aerodynamic research. It is very important to control the flow field around vanes to stabilise the flight of arrow. The developer designed six airways on the vane. Inner flows created by additional three airways pull the entire vortex structure to be converged. This effect ultimately reduces the drag force and alleviates the archer’s paradox quickly. As a result, you will get a stable formation of arrow impact points".

KSL Jet6 Vane description

Vortex Structure for increased spin and quicker stabilisation​​​​​

Contents of package
  • Pack of 50 vanes with self adhesive applying tape (52 strips) and shrink wrap (36) for top and tailing included.
  • Full instructions included
  • Four colour options available
  • Right or Left Hand options.

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KSL spin vanes

Great vanes very hard wearing and really helped to tighten my groups up

Glenn Rodgers | Noak Hill Archers | January 2020