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Kinetic Novius Starter ILF Bow Kit

Kinetic Novius Starter ILF Bow Kit
  • Kinetic Novius Starter ILF Bow Kit

Our Price: £399.00
Kinetic Novius Starter ILF Bow Kit

Incorporating the Kinetc Novius Riser whilst stocks available.

A step up from the Core Gonexo in terms of riser.This kit is an ideal introduction to Olympic Target Archery, it will give you all the basic equipment necessary to shoot at your club and in competitions and save you money at the same time, compared to buying all the items separately.

Being ILF it will allow you to grow with your bow as your draw weight increases and your draw length settles down.

The kit comprises of the following:
Kinetic Novius Right Hand or Left Hand - Colours Black, Red or Blue
Wood core laminated ILF Limbs
Modern string & nocking points.
Bow Stringer
Backpack - Black/Grey, Red or Blue
Platform Finger Tab
Hoyt Pro Arrow Rest
Plunger button
Avalon 3 Tube Target Quiver - Black, Red or Blue
Bow Stand
Arrow Puller
T Square

8 x Easton Aluminium XX75 Platinum Arrows. Fletching colours 1 x White 2 x Back Pack Colour Choice (red/blue/black)  Nock Flo Green. In store you can select arrow fletchings and nock colours.

We have carefully chosen the products in this kit and from the information provided we will work out the correct specification of arrows to match you and your bow.

The lead time for this bow kit is up to 10 working days.

Sometimes accessories become unavailable, so we reserve the right to change items from those pictured, we will always substitute for items of similar quality.

There is no option to substitute items for other items we sell and pay the difference.

Very important: Please note the designation "Right Hand" and "Left Hand" refers to your archery handiness - if you pull the string back with your right hand you are a "Right Handed Archer".

Product excluded from all offers and promotions.
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