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We appreciate that there are many books and information sources available these days however, some of the information can be conflicting and as a result confusing.

As with most things in archery many people and coaches have their own views on particular subjects and much revolves around the ability and aspirations of the archer. In this section we provide some of our own information based on over 120 years of combined experience in manufacturing, coaching, setting up and selling bows and archery equipment, which we think will help you to enjoy your archery. Obviously if you have any questions then feel free to ask. Click on any of the links below to read the articles (PDF downloads).

Buying Carbon Arrows - The best way to select the right size & spine (Recurve)

 Limb Alignment  -How to correctly set up your recurve limbs (ILF & Formula)

String Picture - Often overlooked and the reason for those wild left and right shots

A lazy guide to Archery - Some hints to improve scores

Indoor Archery - A first time guide​

FITA FIELD GUIDE - An overview of FITA Field Archery Tips and advice



Bow International more reprints by our own Andrew Smith (copyright Blaze Publishing and Andrew Smith all rights reserved)
Bow International is a Bi Monthly magazine covering everything to do with archery, catering for all abilities from Beginners to International archers.
The magazine Includes: Technical articles on all bow disciplines - Hardware set up and shooting form, Tips, Advice, News, Tournament updates from around the World, New products, Product Reviews Readers questions, Letters and Competitions.

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