For the first time in 40 years we are closing for annual leave - from Saturday the 3rd of August till Saturday the 10th of August. We are taking orders but delivery will start after the 10th of August.

Always wanted to try archery but not sure where to start.

Feel free to give us a call 01473 316944 email or you can visit us.

Also here is some guidance on buying your first equipment to get the most out of your archery.

Safety First

In the interests of safety and to reduce the chance of injury it is always best to get some proper archery tuition even if your interest is to shoot on private land. If you wish to join a club then you will have had to complete a beginners course either with the club you intend to join or at another recognised establishment like our good-selves.

Training Courses

From complete beginners to advanced archers

We run training courses at our Pro Shop in our indoor shooting range, all equipment required for the beginners lessons is provided.

More Details of Lessons here, which can be booked online a great Christmas present

We run one to one and small group 2/3 people/families during shop opening hours,

These courses are ideal for those starting out and want to have some formal instruction to make archery more fun and safe.

To book a lesson please contact us by phone, email or use the contact details on this website.

Types of archery

Archery is an inclusive sport and there are very few reasons why people of all ages cannot participate and there is a very active scene for both competitive and leisure archery. 

Perhaps the biggest participation in archery is Target archery, the second most popular form is Field Archery and other forms are more traditional such as shooting marks, distance shooting and re-enactment. 

Buying equipment

We and most club coaches always recommend that you buy your equipment at an archery dealer. Especially your first equipment, where you have on tap a vast array of experience to help you through all the jargon. With the right facilities and a proper sized shooting range. This allows you to try equipment and help us to advise you to get the right equipment within your budget.

Before you leave one of our shops we will also make sure we set up your equipment correctly (there are no factory settings in archery), select and make your arrows and explain how to put it all your equipment together.

Our stock policy: We only stock products that we feel do the job they were intended to do within the bounds of the price. They are also products that are proven to work and - within the same price range we would use ourselves.

What we do when you visit one of our shop to buy equipment.

Most importantly we provide impartial advice, given by experienced archers - no question is too silly

When buying your bow especially for use in an archery club it is likely that you will need to allow 1-2 hours, for garden use this is a lot quicker - so here is an overview of the process for club beginners.

Just one example of the feedback we receive.

“Dear Perris Archery
Thank you very much for taking the time to look after our new shooters last Wednesday. We had a good time and they are really enjoying their new bows. Thank you also for the tips - I'm preparing to incorporate them after the next competition”.

Buying archery equipment can be a daunting prospect for any new archer, there are so many choices and opinions it can be difficult to know what to choose or who to believe.
Since 1985 we have been advising and helping archers just like yourself through this maze our Pro Shop is staffed by experienced archers. 

For peace of mind from the outset and putting to one side the different manufacturer’s products, we will ensure that the equipment you are looking to purchase will be right for you and be the best we believe you can get within your budget.

We carry a large stock of equipment, probably the largest in East Anglia, so we should have what you need in stock. However, if we do not have the right colour handle or correct limbs on the shelf, we will order the items in for you as most only take a few days to come in. We don't believe that you should have to settle for second best or even worse something that is not right for you.
This is why many club coaches recommend that you come to see us, they also know that when you return with your new kit your bow will be set up and ready to shoot and your arrows will be the correct spine (bendiness) so all your equipment is working with you, not against you. If there are any issues post sales we will sort them out.

When choosing a bow there are many factors to take in to consideration, your height, draw length, suitable limb weight, the type of archery you will be participating in, building in room for growth and development and finally keeping to your budget.

Your draw length will have a bearing on the length of the bow you will need, a tall person can shoot a short bow but you will develop your shooting style better with a bow of the correct length. 
At this stage your draw length will be a bit erratic and will only settle down once you have been shooting for a while, so we will factor this in when it comes time to decide on bow length and arrow choice. 

A bow that is too hard to pull back will do no favours to any archer likewise a bow that is too light will not give you good sight marks at longer distances. The great thing about our sport is that everyone can take part men, women and children, able bodied and disabled. Modern archery equipment is now very efficient so it is most important to select a draw weight which you can handle shooting your first 6 arrows, the 36th and later on the 150th

How do you know if you have the right weight limbs? We have indoor facilities so under our experienced supervision you can try out your equipment before you buy, this way we and you can see if it is right for you.
An arrow is just an arrow yes? Well no not really they might all look very similar but it is very important to get arrows that are matched to your bow, don't worry at this stage why, we will explain all at the time then it will all make sense.

Most people come to the sport via a beginner’s course run by their local club and in the first few months shoot what we call target archery shooting a recurve bow. Others will find their way in to the sport via a field archery club. Whilst most kit these days is interchangeable, if you decide that one style or another is the one for you then your choice of equipment can be tailored so that you can get the best out of your equipment. 
As your shooting form improves factors like draw length and the amount of draw weight you can comfortably shoot will getter better, this does not happen overnight and will probably change slowly during your first year in the sport.

We are an independent retailer so we can advise and recommend as well as highlight the pros and cons of different manufacturer’s equipment in relation to your requirements, so you can select the kit you will be most happy with.  

Before leaving our Pro Shop with all your equipment, we will have made sure that it is all set up correctly and that you understand how to put it all together.

First time round I am sure that your club coach will want to check it all over, but our service will save them having to set aside time to set it up correctly (tiller, bracing height, limb alignment, centre shot arrow spine for example) another reason why it is not really a good idea to buy your first bow and arrows off the Internet because for all the reasons mentioned above the chances of getting suitable equipment are quite difficult and confusing. It is true that clicking the “buy now” button will save you a few £’s but what price do you put on having an experienced fully trained archer help you select the right equipment for you and let you try before you buy. 

At Perris we want everyone to be delighted with their purchase from us, so we will ensure that when you walk out the door with your new bow you will be ready to go down to the range and shoot. Finally remember if you do, or just think that you have a problem then feel free to get in touch or pop back in to the shop, don’t be embarrassed if you think the question might be silly we have probably heard it all before (and probably asked the same when we started out) and at the end of the day our priority is for you to enjoy your archery.

A quick video

The following books which can be bought from us are also a good starting point

This is a good book produced by Archery GB despite the tile it covers far more than just the basics - Buy in store or ONLINE HERE

This is a good book covering the equipment side of the sport with a lot of intermediate shooting form tips and advice - Buy in store or ONLINE HERE

Below are a few articles worth a read.  
Finally, our thoughts on the internet, these days there is a lot of information available some of it very good and we share on our facebook page and some awful, so before following a plan or direction be very sure of the providence of the information provided. Just because it is in writing does not mean it is correct or based on sound principles.