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Perris Archery is a professional resource not just a shop - Dealer and Test Centre

uukha - 3 years running - We are number one in UK & Europe for sales and support. 
The second largest uukha dealer Worldwide.

We have been an uukha dealer and test centre since they launched their first products in 2009. The technical information on offer to back up their claims and the reason for the design enabled us to realise that this was something big that will revolutionise the bow and arrow and benefit archers of all abilities.

We really do believe in these products and every member of staff by choice shoots with uukha limbs. In our opinion and those of the 1000's of archers all over the World shooting uukha products in all forms of archery do feel we have an advantage. 


We have also invested a lot of time and resources to understand how to get the best out of these limbs, to us they are not a commodity on a shelf with a price tag, but an integral solution to higher scores and enjoyment of archery for all archers regardless of ability. Set them up correctly and in our opinion you will never want to shoot anything else.

Can you believe it is almost 1O years

Even from the start, each model of limb out performed all the laminated limbs available, a trend that continues to this day.

uukha limbs are manufactured with what is commonly known ILF (International Limb Fitting) limb foot used by 98% of all riser manufactures. There is also a "Clever" Formula Adapter to convert uukha limbs to fit the Hoyt and MK Formula risers. Described as "Clever" when they were launched by the main formula manufacturer.

The unique construction offers many benefits over traditionally made laminated limbs - the most important being speed, smoothness, torsional stability for a more stable shot, they do not change performance in different weather conditions and they cannot delaminate or form a twist.

The range of limbs is quite large to suit everyone in terms of performance and price, however the EX1's continue to be the most popular as they offer class leading performance at a great price - recommended by quite a few International coaches and one even went as far to say that for Club/County archers probably the best limbs to purchase as they offer great stable performance good speed.

The number of options can be confusing and there is always that niggle for some whether only spending £300 on a pair of limbs will not match their ambitions.

Which limb?

So here we will look at how to choose the right limb for you.

Firstly, uukha produce limbs in two curve profiles, "Curve" and "XCurve"

Both limb profiles give you a fast smooth stable limb.

The "Curve" limb draws up more like the traditional ILF limbs most of you will be used to - it is a linear draw so as you draw the limb back the draw weight gets heavier towards the marked weight on the limb. Unlike other manufacturers limbs the unique construction means that they feel easier to draw and getting close to the face the draw weight does not start to feel heavier giving you a smooth shot through the release/ clicker in fact all lengths of limb feel smooth way past 35" draw.

Curve limbs: EX1, HX10, UX100. XX HM Monolith Tuulai and Saiga models

XCurve limbs have a more pronounced curve meaning that the top part of the limb unfolds first, during the draw it feels much like the curve limb until 3/4's through the draw where the weight drops a little (not the same as a compound) and the draw starts to feel even smoother than the "Curve" limbs.

Limb tip torsional stability is essential on any limb as it stops the limb tips twisting as you draw the string back and keeps the strings left right movement to a minimum for a straighter shot. Limb tip torsional stability is even more important on the Xcurve limbs as there is more limb tip movement and chance to twist - no such chance with uukha limbs because of the unique construction.

XCurve limbs: VX1000, VX+ HM Monolith & Irbis

So the choice is the fast smooth limbs of the "Curve" profile or fast extra smooth (40% smoother than the Curve) limbs of the "XCurve" profile. 

Choosing the right limb for you

This is obviously a personal choice but the good news is that there are no wrong choices. All will enable you to shoot great scores and meet your archery goals. 

So it comes down to budget: The additional cost between the limbs really does boil down to the cost of the materials used. All the limbs take a similar time to manufacturer and the process similar,testing also takes about the same time. From limb to limb the carbon content (which is already higher than any laminated limb) defines the characteristics of speed and smoothness. The higher the carbon content the lighter the moving parts of the limb are and the smoother and faster the limb will be. The HM limbs "XX" and "VX+" use expensive High Modulus Pre Peg Carbon which has enable uukha to push the boundaries of limb design -especially speed and smoothness without sacrificing all the unique properties of an uukha limb, especially reliability and means there is a big jump in speed and performance and the reason in our opinion they currently have no equals from any manufacturer. 

Ideally the best way to decide is to try them and use our experience in getting the correct length and draw weight - a service we offer in our pro shops where we have proper 18m indoor shooting ranges.

It can be hard because of the popularity and lead-time to always have the exact limb in stock to try but with pre planning we will do our best - some archers have shot the EX1's and concluded that either they are good enough or after trying them opted for a higher model appreciating that things will only be even better.

2019 Risers

To complement the range of limbs uukha and provide a great stable platform to get the best out of uukha limbs.
Unfortunately lead-times of around 12 weeks are not ideal but these risers are as good as hand made and give a great shooting experience. The use of pre peg carbon and a mix of High Modulus and Monolith carbon allows uukha to build a riser that moves and flexes in the right directions to provide a stable platform for even greater accuracy.

Available in Right Hand and Left Hand and two length 25" & 27"

Finally, uukha are always looking to give archers an edge to higher scores, the unique construction methods used in the limbs and the risers allow them to push the boundaries of long standing conventions and the latest is the introduction of an XL VX+ limb allowing archers to shoot longer stable bows - in the past the trade off was arrow speed and sight marks at the longer distances especially for club archers shooting lower draw weights than International archers - but now this is not the case (This position is now confirmed Andrew has been testing a 72" bow and comparing the results to his 70" bow a full write up available soon or just ask for more details).

If you have a question or unsure what you should choose, please call into one of our shops, phone or email and we can help.

We always carry good stocks of EX1's in store to keep waiting times to a minimum.