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These Bow Kits are available both online and in our Pro Shop. In store you get the benefit of our highly experienced staff to help you select the right items and specifications such as draw weight by actually being able to shoot the bow, bow length and if included arrows where we will measure you and recommend the most suitable spined shafts, whilst still being able to benefit from a great price. Online like in store we will set up the tiller and limb alignment before shipping and make sure the the arrows if included or ordered separately are correctly spined for your set up based on the information you provide. Online we cannot recommend carbon shafts as this selection is best done using our unique carbon arrow by trial service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to offer the best value we can, the contents of these kits cannot be substituted for other similar items. If you require a different items to those included in the kit, they must be purchased separately.

Your arrows are very important whether you are a beginner or international archer 

Finally, please note that all these kits include spined arrows based on the Eastern arrow selection charts and our experience, we take in to consideration your draw weight and draw length. Arrow selection is one of the most important parts of your archery kit and often overlooked to ensure you progress and improve. Whilst all arrows may look similar the wrong spine (Bendiness) is the difference between hitting the target and the frustration of missing and wondering why.