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Beiter Clicker (Straight) In stock

Beiter Clicker (Straight) In stock
  • Beiter Clicker (Straight) In stock

Our Price: £11.50

Beiter Clicker 

Available in silver or black blades (Black 0.25mm only)

Different thread sizes for different risers, to avoid confusion please state the manufacturer & model of the riser the clicker is being attached to and we will send you the best fitting clicker.

Can also be used with Handle manufactures supplied clicker screw for a more solid fixing by replacing the adjusting wheel supplied.

To get a better click and to remove the "buzz" some archers experience, you can put a small bend in the blade by bringing it out horizontally to the riser and gently bending it inwards this puts a slight curve on the clicker profile, this however is not recommended by Beiter for the Black blade.

0.25 silver and black blades in stock all 3 thread sizes


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