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Beiter Button - Still the best* In stock

Beiter Button - Still the best* In stock
  • Beiter Button - Still the best* In stock

Our Price: £95.00

Beiter Pressure Button (Cushion Plunger - Berger Button) Thread 5/16" - 24

Black 5/16-24 17.5 to 23mm is in stock other colours to order allow 7-14 days

The Beiter button is a top of the range product used by most international archers around the world. As we have come to expect from Beiter it is well engineered from quality components, with a good smooth action and micro click adjustments for fine bow tuning.

5/16" - 24 Thread fits most modern risers (i.e FiberBow, uukha, Spigarelli, Hoyt, Win & Win, WNS, SF, Gillo, Mybo, Kinetic, Core, to name a few).

*In our opinion the best button available, a plunger that does not wear, springs of high quality that move the same shot after shot and the micro adjustments allow you to adjust the button and the scales help you to record your settings.

When selecting barrel length you also need to consider the type of arrow rest used as wrap round styles will require a longer length than many riser manufacturers recommend in their advertising material where they assume the use of a stick on rest.

"The Beiter Plunger is produced out of precision machined parts (the Beiter company supplies the watch-, precision-mechanic- and medical industry and is used to work only with the finest materials).
The notching scale cylinder allows an exact and reproducible spring tension time after time.

The thread cylinder is made out of high-grade refined steel, the springs out of stainless harmonic steel, the notching scale cylinder and the slotted nut out of anodised aluminium. The material used for the Plunger Pin offers excellent glide- and wear-behaviour by using aluminium-, aluminium-carbon- or carbon-arrows".  - Quote Beiter

If you are unsure of the barrel length required please enter the details of the riser: make and model and the arrow rest that will be used with the button. We will then send you one to fit.

Cushion Plunger fitted with a "hard (0.60) spring 
1 x Spanner Yellow
1 x Spanner Red
2 x Spring extra hard (0.70)
2 x Spring hard (0.60)
2 x Spring soft (0.45)
1 x Allen wrench 1.5mm
2 x Allen head screws for slotted nut
2 Screw gates for Allen Head Screws
6 x Spare Pins (replacement plungers)
Please note the small flat blade screw driver is no longer included

Standard colours: Black. Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Titan
Custom Colours: Green, Orange, Purple, Pink

Made in Germany.


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17.5 to 23mm Black normally in stock - this size fits most modern recurve risers.

Special order colours allow 5-10 days