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Beiter Arrow Rest

Beiter Arrow Rest
  • Beiter Arrow Rest

Our Price: £33.00

The Beiter Arrow rest is manufactured from the highest quality materials to give a high level of consistancy. Fully adjustable and complete with spare arm, adjusting screw and tool.

Right or Left Handed 

At the moment three different Fingers are available, but if you require the #16 medium you will have to buy it as a spare part: which is a special order item.

  • 15-12-0,65 for shafts with small diameter (i.e small carbons), Ø 5,2mm +/-1mm (10/64"-14/64")
  • 17-23-0,77 for shafts with large diameter (i.e larger Aluminium shafts), Ø 9,3mm +/-1mm (approx. 20/64"-24/64")
  • Two Finger (of the same make) are included in each Box, but extra Fingers are available as spare part.

Please note the button hole is just big enough to fit the Beiter Button, the Shibuya will not fit unless you drill the hole bigger which will invalidate any warranty.

Complete with No1 Support, either 2 x #15 (small) or 2 x #17 (large) finger shaft supports, 1 x Spindle 1 x Adjustment Tool 1 x Adhesive Pad & instructions.

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Carl - Ireland

I find the Beiter Arrow rest Great,

It is so easy to load Arrows, no arm to swing out of the whey.

It is also very quiet.

I will never go back to the magnetic swing arm rests.

Normally in stock