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Axcel Curve RX Sjef with Rheostat

Axcel Curve RX Sjef with Rheostat
  • Axcel Curve RX Sjef with Rheostat

Our Price: £69.00
Axcel Curve RX Sjef with Rheostat Sight Pin

New a redesigned version of the Pro sight pin, by offering 2 options one with a pin the other with a lens they have been able to bring the price down to a good level for such quality.

This version with the sight pin and the ability to adjust the brightness is probably going to be the most popular.

It also comes with a range of different aperture washers so you can tailor your sight picture through the scope.

A very well engineered product with good fit tolerances.

Initially available with a black casing and pin dot sizes but for stock we will be carrying the black case 0.029 (green or red as available) as this seems to work very well both indoors and out for both target and field archers. If you just like a non magnified lens and dot then this is a separate product.

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