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3D TARGETS (Check stock BEFORE you order please)

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High Density Foam 3D TARGETS

The ones listed above are high quality SRT 3D targets from Europe suitable for all arrows (wooden, carbon and aluminium) and disciplines (Longbow, Traditional, Compound and Recurve). 

Please note we can also supply Natur Foam & Delta McKenzie targets Prices On Request. If you are looking at a bulk purchase of 3D's please contact us for our best price.

More SRT 3D SRT Targets here
Details of the Natur Foam can be found here

Details of Delta Mckenzie can be found here

"The Wight Company of Field Archers now has four SRT 3'ds all purchased from Perris Archery-they are popular targets in the club and very durable and life like they compare more than favourably with other 3'ds such as those from the American market like the Delta or Mackenzie range, and we would recommend them as great targets for any thriving field archery club seeking to increase it's collection and variety of 3'd targets-you can see the targets in action at our website on www.wightcompany.org - regards BQ"