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2 Shops and Shooting Ranges
Run by Experienced Archers.
For all handed items
Right = Right Handed Archer
Left = Left handed Archer
A Right handed archer
Draws the String back
with the right hand.


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Welcome to Perris Archery - Over 30 years of supplying everything to do with archery.

Buying equipment - visit us and get it right first time.


Please note stock levels are not live but not always kept up to date (to the hour) - if travelling a long way to one of our shops, please call before setting out and we can confirm availability and put the items aside for you. 

We offer a wide range of archery equipment, beginner's lessons, intermediate & advanced lessons, equipment advice from experienced archers, shooting ranges, workshop and warranty repairs, bow set up, strings & cables and much more to help you enjoy your archery.

Shooting ranges - Just turn up, no need to book £5.00 per hour - requires own equipment and proof (1st timers) that you have received formal instruction and understand range safety.


  • EQUIPMENT FOR CLUB USE - Discounts available, contact us with your requirements.